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At Metropolis Web Design, we pride ourselves on our ability to create bespoke websites tailored to the unique needs of businesses across diverse industries. Our portfolio showcases the breadth and depth of our expertise, featuring websites crafted for e-commerce ventures, corporate entities, charities, startups, and everything in between.

With a keen understanding of the ever-evolving digital landscape, we specialise in creating websites that not only stand out visually but also drive tangible results for our clients. From intuitive user interfaces to robust backend functionality, our websites are built to optimise user engagement, enhance brand visibility, and ultimately, achieve business objectives. Explore our portfolio below that showcases some of our work to see how we’ve helped businesses like yours thrive in the digital realm.

Joshua Altback Hair and Beauty and The Travel Den Websites

WordPress Websites

Metropolis Web Design has built many WordPress websites. Our WordPress web design services are a testament to our commitment to excellence in crafting digital experiences.

Each website we create is a fusion of creativity, functionality, and user-centric design. From captivating visuals to seamless navigation, we tailor every aspect to resonate with your brand identity and engage your target audience effectively.

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for innovation, we transform ideas into captivating online platforms that drive results. Our portfolio showcases our expertise in WordPress web design, highlighting our ability to deliver exceptional websites that captivate, inspire, and convert. Explore our work and discover how we can elevate your online presence to new heights.


Visit Josh Altback Hairdressing & Beauty website here.

Visit The Travel Den website here.

Visit Automotive Service & Repair website here.

Visit 2001 Travel website here.

Visit The Cancer Revolution website here.

Visit 16a Gift Wrapping’s website here.

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Yes to Life and Speakout Challenge Websites

Charity WordPress Websites

For nearly two decades, Metropolis has been dedicated to crafting websites tailored specifically for charities, honing its expertise in addressing the unique needs and nuances of this sector. With a deep understanding of the importance of functionality and design in conveying a charity’s message effectively, Metropolis ensures that every aspect of the website serves its purpose optimally.

From intuitive donation portals to compelling storytelling features, Metropolis integrates functionalities that resonate with the philanthropic goals of charities, facilitating seamless engagement with donors and supporters.

Case Study: Yes to Life – the UK’s integrative cancer cancer care charity. Yes to Life’s website has a number of bespoke facilities – like its radio show repository,  a directory of providers and a soon to be directory of clinician recognitions. The website is built using WordPress with a number of bespoke features that provide users with many different facilities, like radio shows, support groups and various mapped directories.

Visit Yes to Life’s website here.

Case Study: Jack Petchey’s “Speak Out” Challenge – Jack Petchey’s Speak Out Challenge is a programme for building confidence, developing  public speaking skills and creating platforms for young people to share their stories and ideas to empower not only themselves but each other. The website is built using WordPress – with several bespoke tools such a large gallery of Flickr galleries built through a bespoke API tool. It also has an events listing that connects all of these galleries, associated YouTube videos and upcoming events listings.

Visit Jack Petchey’s “Speak Out” challenge website.

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Hampstead Photographic Society and Mill Hill Music Festival Websites

Society and Festival WordPress Websites

Websites for societies serve as vital hubs for communication, coordination, and community engagement. Tailored to the unique needs of each society, these websites provide a centralised platform for members to access resources, stay updated on events and announcements, and connect with like-minded individuals.

With intuitive navigation, engaging content, and interactive features, society websites enhance member engagement and streamline administrative processes. Whether it’s promoting upcoming activities, sharing educational materials, or facilitating discussions through forums and chatrooms, these platforms serve as invaluable tools for societies to thrive and flourish in today’s digital age. By harnessing the power of the web, societies can amplify their impact, reach broader audiences, and cultivate vibrant communities united by common interests and goals.

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Case Study: Hampstead Photographic Society required a bespoke website to showcase their photos in easy to use and beautiful galleries. In order to show off the talents of the many different photographers – a system to present the photographs of the members was developed – randomly selecting the photographs to go in the hero sliders of some of the pages. There is also a clean easy to use calendar of events and a bespoke private members area.

Visit the Hampstead Photographic Society website.

Case Study: Mill Hill Music Festival is a long running music week long festival that has been taking place since 1995 – this WooCommerce site website allows users to purchase tickets and find out more about each event. It is built for an older audience so that they can navigate around and use the site more easily.

Visit Mill Hill Music Festival Website

Bark & Co and Abbey Support Websites

Business WordPress Websites

At Metropolis, we understand the critical role that SEO plays in the success of your website. That’s why we approach every project with SEO at the forefront of our minds. From meticulously crafted content to strategic keyword placement and optimized site structure, we implement proven SEO strategies to enhance your online visibility and drive organic traffic. With our tailored approach, your website will not only stand out aesthetically but also excel in search engine rankings, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement for your business.

Whether you’re looking to improve your current website’s SEO performance or starting from scratch with a new site, our team is dedicated to delivering results-driven solutions that elevate your online presence. With Metropolis, you can trust that your website will not only look great but also perform exceptionally in search engine rankings, driving valuable traffic and boosting your business growth.

Case Study: Bark & Co required a website that was fast so that it had good search engine rankings but was also easy to use. This WordPress website was developed with both these things in mind.

Visit Bark & Co’s website here.

Case Study: Abbey Support is a well regarded IT Support Company based in South West London. They offer a variety of IT Support facilities – a streamlined easy to use website with good SEO was required and that is what we built.

Visit Abbey Support’s website here.

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Natrium Capital and Biofuels News Websites

Corporate Websites

Crafting corporate websites demands a delicate balance of professionalism, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. At Metropolis Web Design, we prioritise understanding our clients’ brand, target audience, and business objectives. Our approach involves collaborating closely with clients to develop tailored strategies aligned with their corporate goals and audience preferences.

From sleek, minimalist designs to intricate, feature-rich layouts, we create corporate websites that leave a lasting impression. Our team focuses on every detail, ensuring elements like color schemes, typography, and navigation structures exude professionalism and sophistication. We prioritize functionality and usability, integrating intuitive navigation and responsive design for seamless user experiences across all devices.

With a commitment to excellence, we deliver corporate websites that exceed our clients’ expectations, helping them establish a strong online presence and achieve their corporate objectives through innovative web design solutions.

Case Study: Natrium Capital required a clean and easy to use website with their corporate colours showcasing their achievements and their brand identify.

Visit Natrium Capital’s website here.

Case Study: Biofuels International is one half a dozen websites Metropolis built for a publications and conferences company that needed their magazine websites to connect to a bespoke CRM and serve up adverts within their news grids. There is also an associated conference WooCommerce website.

Visit Biofuels International’s website here.

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Black Market Ramen Website

Working With Other Design Companies

At Metropolis, we’re always excited to collaborate with exceptional graphic design firms like Process Creative. Our partnerships exemplify our dedication to delivering top-quality creative solutions. Process Creative brings a wealth of expertise and creativity to the table, enriching our joint projects with unique perspectives and skills. Together, we craft visually stunning designs that resonate with our clients’ audiences, ensuring every project is executed with artistry and finesse. Our collaboration is a testament to our shared commitment to exceeding client expectations and driving success.

Case Study: Black Market Ramen – Here we helped this excellent design company bring to life their stylish and beautiful design for a high class ramen restaurant based in Lausanne in Switzerland. A clean design was required to showcase the top quality style of the restaurant. A multi-language website was created in English and French.

Click here to Visit Black Market Ramen’s website.

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